Nov 29

Organic SEO and Google+, Facebook, Twitter Social Media

It has been a while since I posted an entry and that’s mainly due to work.  I’ve all but given up on Facebook, Twitter and to some extent Google+ as the off-page SEO method with which to achieve better ranking results because it is very time consuming.  I am sure that if you have a lot of time to post, read posts and respond to posts to create a reliable network then you might be able to benefit from social media websites to boost web traffic and to some extent boost your ranking.  But then, who has that kind of time to engage in useless chit-chat? Read More »

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Sep 24

Avoid All Flash Content in Organic SEO

While an all-flash website can deliver the visual impact that an html website may lack, understand that flash websites do not get indexed well by search engines, and cannot be viewed on iPhone or iPad devices. If you rely solely on search engines to drive web traffic you should avoid having an all flash content. Read More »

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Sep 21

Is Google+ The New Social Media Alternative to Facebook?

Plus Google

Google Pointing Users To Google+

On the same day that Google made Google+ or Google Plus available to the everyone on the web I read an article that proclaimed +Google is dead by drawing comparison between Bing going up against Google in the search engine market. Google just finished their field trial and hasn’t begun rolling out this program and already some are predicting its demise.  What I like to know is if these people even tried using +Google before they make the prediction? I think Google has a tough fight on their hands because Facebook has legions on fans who live and breathe everything that is Facebook. Read More »

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Sep 18

Comment Spamming – Keyword Ratio Affect by Spam Comments

Web Search Engine is about three weeks old and already it is being spammed by comment spammers. While I understand that comment spamming is prevalent as businesses need to take whatever steps necessary to ensure survival and therefore I don’t mind approving a comment or two from websites about sport jerseys or such Read More »

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Sep 16

Twitter Can Improve Web Traffic in Organic SEO

I must confess that I am very new at Twitter and the whole social media phenomenon, even though it has been around for a number of years. It is not that I’ve purposely resisted social networking websites, but on a personal level I’ve always felt that I had nothing special to say. Read More »

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Sep 15

User Generated Content and On-Page Organic SEO

On-page search engine optimization or organic SEO is more than simply writing search optimized content for a webpage when it is initially designed. You can take on-page SEO to the next level by allowing users to write product reviews or posting comments Read More »

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